вторник, 19 марта 2013 г.

The bling of silver

Uzbek women adore  jewelries. In Tashkent almost every girl has  ruby or sapphire gold ring (alike Duchess of Cambridge ring).  But the silver we live too!  And every woman has something  antiquarian piece in her box.  Look some these  jewelries.

Silver lace. Antiques

Noble of patina. Antiques

Ring for mermaids
Silver is said to encourage a harmonious energy. The  silver ware are ideal for hot, excitable woman. Moreover, this metal  is suit for every dress.  I think sometimes the silver is better than gold.  Yes, at times  gold look to a little vulgar (especially when it too much). But silver jewelries are noble always.  Even if  you put on it  from top to toe.

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