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Fashion design of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is country of  tradition.  But the fashionistas of Uzbekistan dressing not only national clothes.   We loves our designers  and I’m present to you several of them.

At December 2003 in Tashkent was  launched Dom Stilya (House of Style) – union for uzbek’s designers. Today Dom Stilya joining more than twenty designers. So, it is

Brand Guli by Gulnara Karimova. 
No comments. Her collections are always impossibly chic. 

Aka Aleksey  Manshaev – very successful fashion-man. He is our grunge-king,  His style - East flavor and something a cross between Rick Owens and Alexander McQueen  (so many skulls).

Saida Amir
Designer Saida Amirova adores romantic and eclecticism. With East flavor, of course! 

Do you like it? I wait your comments.

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