вторник, 16 апреля 2013 г.

Irina Shayk: “The sun rotate around the earth”

How you think,  the earth rotate around the Sun  or the sun around the earth?  Maybe it’s silly. But sexy top-model Irina Shayk thinks the sun is a satellite of the earth.  

It was not   very good moment for Irina Shayk. Yesterday the Russian model  was named the most stylish woman according to HELLO! magazine, Russia.  Аfter rewarding, host of the ceremony  Kseniya Sobchak asked Irina: “Tell me,  the earth rotate around the sun  or the sun around the earth?” «The second» - answered Irina.

Is it shaming? «OK, it is very uncomfortable question for all winners of the competition of beauty”, - wrote Sobchak on Twitter.

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